About the Levels:

Here at GMM there are two settings for the miniature painting machines; Alpha and Beta.

Alpha- Alpha is the highest level offered. It makes for the most impressive and realistic miniature. Models are painted using more highlighting than washes, and metals are sometimes painted with advanced shading and rust techniques. Details are more precise, and colors tend to be a bit brighter. Several Alpha level minis have won awards in painting competitions.

Beta- Beta level is the economical, above average tabletop quality level. It uses more washes to get the desired finished result.

Both levels are a good value in their own right, it is mainly a matter of budget and preference.

Working with GMM Studios:

Here is a breakdown of how the operation will go should you choose to work with GMM.

Contact Me:

Shipping Address:
Brandon Palmer
6545 S Shields Ridge Rd
Bloomington IN 47401


Phone: 1-812-360-7237

Contact me via email and list the names of all models you would like painted, as well as the individual status of each model/unit, whether it is primed or unprimed, assembled or unassembled, or even purchased or not. Listing it like this means I can give you a total as well as a breakdown, should you choose not to have all the models painted. Also feel free to include any paint ideas you have or an overall feel you are going for. The more descriptive you are the more precise I can be in getting what's in your head into reality.

A Note on Trust:

I want to take a moment to make it clear that I understand sending miniatures across the country or even the world requires a good deal of trust, and I appreciate those clients who have seen me to be trustworthy. However, please note that this is my full time profession, and I plan on doing it for a very long time. Also note that the wargaming community is one based very heavily on trust and "karma". It is in my greatest interest to see that you, no matter how big or small your project is, receive your finished models and are happy with them. I also really enjoy seeing all the exclamation marks clients add to their emails of excitement when they receive their project.

Turnaround Time:

I understand turnaround time is very important, so here is how the system works:

Everyone is welcome to send anything at anytime, if you are comfortable with that. Of course, correspondence and discussion of projects prior is welcome and enjoyed. The point is, there is no army or race I won't paint because I enjoy painting too much, so whenever you are ready, I am ready.

I determine the schedule of things by when they arrive in the mail. When something arrives, it goes to the end of the schedule "line" and awaits its turn. I have found over the years this is the most fair way to do it.

Therefore, turnaround is 10% how long it takes to finish it, and 90% what is scheduled in front of it. I always let clients know when a project has arrived and an estimate of the time it will take to get started. There are also busier times of the year than others to take into account.

Project Minimums:

Because I am usually very booked up and keep track of many projects going at a time, I no longer do smaller or single miniature projects. This is not out of preference as I do enjoy them, but out of organization and scheduling. There is no strict rule of thumb, as I would never turn someone away because he/she is a few dollars or minis short, so in general all projects are done at the "army" level. In Warhammer this would be around the 1500 point mark, while in Privateer games the 35 point level.

Getting in the Schedule:

In order to actually have your project put into the schedule, you need to complete just ONE of the following:

A. Send all of the models to be painted.

B. Send all funds required to purchase the minis. The minis will be purchased as soon as funds are sent.

C. Send a $100 non-refundable deposit. This goes towards painting and assembly price. NOTE: This deposit is not refundable and not transeferable to any other person or project. If the scheduled time reserved by the deposit is passed, the deposit is lost and cannot be resqueduled for a later date.

Purchasing the Miniatures:

Who purchases the miniatures is entirely up to you. I will gladly buy them for you, or you can purchase them from your favorite store and send them in.

Ordering Most Miniatures - Cost of the model is required up front, and they are purchased from my local game store for 20% off. First time customers recieve 30% off. Note I do not mind ordering other items you might need alongside the project such as books, dice, or what have you. If I can get it I will buy it for you. Also note that all items are ordered in the US with US dollars, so those of you overseas can take advantage of the price and currency differences.

Ordering from Forge World - I can order Forge World on your behalf. Forge World is priced in US dollars converted, plus any fees such as paypal. Unfortunately it is not possible for anyone to get a discount on Forge World.

Bits - A rather massive selection of bits is kept in the studio. If you need bits check with me before buying from a bits store. They are all leftover from client projects and are free for every client to use.

Money spent on miniatures is nonrefundable.


Personal check is preferred, but paypal and USPS money order is of course also accepted. Payment is not required up front except for funds to purchase minis and parts.

Final payment (outstanding final balance due after taking into account deposit) is due when pictures of the models are uploaded onto the website, and cannot be accepted beforehand. If payment is not made within 30 days of project upload, all models in the project become property of GMM Studios.

Assembling the Miniatures:

Important Note: All minis must be complete after leaving the studio. In other words, no commissions for single arms, minis without arms, unfinished bases etc

When your project's time has come, parts are sorted out and then the models are assembled using super glue and green stuff for strength on metal models. Pinning is done on awkward or hefty models, and included in the assembly price.

Basic bases are done using glue and sand. Other mediums can be used, as well as resin bases.

Painting the Miniatures:

Once the primer has dried, miniatures are carefully painted in the color scheme chosen by the client to the desired level. All different types of paints are used. I have found over the years the best types of paints from each brand, and the best colors for the desired result.

Post-Painting Procedure:

When your project is finished, they are varnished and digital photos are taken and uploaded to the site. You will be notified at this time that the pictures are up, and ready for your inspection.

If everything is satisfactory at that point, payment is made and the project is shipped.

Enjoy your new minis, and note the look on your friends faces!

Shipping Notes:

Shipping costs:

Domestic - $35 per package
International - $55 per package

All minis are wrapped in tissue and will not come into contact with any other minis. Often additional tissue, foam, packing peanuts, or bubble wrap is used to get the safest packing possible.

Insurance available upon request. Delivery Confirmation purchased by default on domestic packages. The greatest care is taken when your minis are packed,but nothing can make these indistructible. Once the package is out of our hands it is out of our hands, and GMM cannot be held responsible for accidents or lost packages. GMM is also not responsible for the minis when in your hands. If the package is abused in shipping, you will have to take it up with the shipping service. Note however breakages are rare considering the fragility of many of these peices. Also please note if you are overseas you may be required to pay customs on the package. By using our services you agree to these terms.

Resin Bases:

Resin bases are a great way to add character to an army. There are a lot of resin base manufacturers out there. Let me know what style you are looking for and I will send you some links to different service. For an example of some great resin bases see

Resolving Issues at Project End:

If for some reason a customer is unhappy with their project upon seeing final pictures and a compromise and/or rework cannot be achieved or is not desired by the customer, the models will be sold at auction. Funds aquired from sale will first go to covering commission service fees, the rest then reimbursing the customer for model costs if available.

Although I have yet to have an unsatisfied customer!


By making a deposit you agree to all terms listed on this website and agree to all pricing, policy and procedure.