The following categories are the pricing guide for having your models painted. Assembly and special basing may be added to the total, and can be found at the bottom of the page. Please contact me for an estimate that is spot on rather than ballpark.


These are your core fighting troops. They make up the bulk of your army and are heavy in numbers. Whether they are on foot, on horseback, or clad in tank-like armor, they fight in groups often led by a unit commander. If the models do not act as a group on the battlefield then they are not truly a unit, and fit into another category.

20-25mm Base: $15-30 ea.

Single models are treated as characters. Unusually intricate models may be up to $5 more.

40mm Base: $30 - 70 ea.

Cavalry: $50 - 75 ea.


Vehicles are your lifeline, your heavy support, and your transport. A model fits in this category if, in reality or in theory, it has a driver or pilot. They usually do not have bases save for flying stands.

Average: $95-150

Large/Intricate: $150-275

Super Heavy: $275-500

Wizards, Warlocks, and Warriors :

Characters are an important centerpeice in the army, and thus are given extra special attention. Characters are painted seperately from the rest of the army and are painted to a very high standard. They are garaunteed to stand out when your army hits the table. "Solos" are considered characters but are discounted for having less detail.

20-25 Base: $50 - 90 ea.

40mm Base: $60 - 110 ea.


Other Items:

Hand Painted Banner Design: Email for Quote

Hand Painted Designs: Email for Quote
This includes mural paintings on the sides of tanks, ships, and other things, and is painting that could be considered artwork in itself. This varies way too much in size and complextiy to give a range. Please contact us for a quote.


Basic Basing:
Included in assembly, otherwise $1 per figure.

Resin Basing:
Resin base painting cost varies based on detail.

1 or 2 colors - Free

3+ colors - $3+ ea.


Here are listed the costs of assembling miniatures. This includes everything from taking them off the sprue to gluing, priming, and basing. Basing is included in the cost of assembly but can be done seperately. You may assemble models yourself to save money, but please do not prime them. If you do it is usually workable though. Minis that you assemble will be glanced over for large errors, and if any are found they will be fixed (a handful are on the house). Please be careful when packing miniatures as neglect (throwing them loose in a box with little protection) will force me to charge to reassemble. On top of that parts can break in places other than glue joints.

One peice infantry - $3
Multipart infantry - $5-15 ea
Cavalry and Bikes - $15-25 ea
60mm based figures - $20+
Vehicles - $25-75 on average

Forge World
Forge World resin kits are slightly higher than plastic and metal kits due to the thorough washing they are given to remove mold release agent, and the tendency to have much more flash.